Commercial Space Planning Services

Many companies do not effectively plan for optimal space efficiencies in the design of their space, missing opportunities for cost savings and increased space productivity. As global mobile work place strategies continue to gain momentum, we are forward looking and partner with our clients on commercial space planning services to maximize space efficiencies and cost savings without negatively affecting their business requirements.

Our Commercial Space Planning Services Include:

– Space Efficiency Planning
– Project Feasibility
– Increased Space Productivity
– Office Space Cost Savings
– Project Management
– Site Selection

Additionally, we choose to work exclusively with individuals and organizations that:
– Go above and beyond in providing service to their own customers, clients and contacts
– Believe in treating people with respect and appreciation
– Recognize and honor the value of others’ contributions
– Are committed to the principles of giving and contribution

Commercial Space Planning Services:

  • Greg Helfrich
    ELRUS Aggregate Systems
    “Kevin was tremendous to deal with on securing our factory in Arizona. He is heads and shoulders above any other brokers we have dealt with. We plan on having him involved in any further property acquisitions we conduct in the markets he serves.”
    Greg Helfrich
    National Operations Manager, ELRUS Aggregate Systems
  • JMichael Dodson
    Mattson Technology
    “I can always count on Jonathan and his team to add real value, be highly responsive and to provide the highest level of professional service in the industry.”
    J. Michael Dodson
    COO & CFO, Mattson Technology
  • Bob Brilon
    IVEDA Solutions
    “Jonathan Keyser will get you the best deal possible, but more importantly he builds an ongoing relationship. He is a great guy to have in your corner.”
    Bob Brilon
    CFO & Executive Vice President, IVEDA Solutions
  • tomcurzon
    Osborn Maledon
    “Jonathan and his team have impressed me with their unrelenting focus on representing their clients with the highest standards of service, commitment and performance, free of the conflicts of interest one so often sees in the commercial real estate field.”
    Tom Curzon
    Senior Shareholder, Osborn Maledon
  • Karin Meyer
    Rural Metro
    “Jonathan provides strategies and insights as the top tenant-side expert that any CFO can depend upon. He offers this expertise with the utmost integrity and I am honored to have him as a friend.”
    Karin Meyer
    VP of Finance, Rural Metro
  • placeholder
    Precision Installation
    “The experience in purchasing my building couldn’t have been better. This is a direct result of the expertise that Clint & Blake brought to the table. Their commitment and the personalized service they demonstrated would be nearly impossible to match.”
    Martin Galindo
    President, Precision Installation

If you are in need of commercial space planning services and fit the criteria above, contact us today to see how we can be of service to you. You will experience the most extraordinary service you have ever received when working with any member of Keyser, or we do not get paid.

More about Keyser:

We created Keyser to be a new kind of commercial real estate firm that would transform the commercial real estate industry through selfless service. Our goal is to prove once and for all that the most self-interested business strategy in the world is to be of selfless service to others.

Meet the Team.

We are one team, and each person is an integral part of the team. We honor everyone’s contribution, and no team member is superior to another.

Experience the Keyser culture.

Our culture is everything, and we only hire individuals that are best-in-class and committed to service and the other core principles that we live by.

Our Operating Principles.

We have 15 core principles that every member of Keyser is committed to living by.

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