Office Space Calculator iPhone App

Keyser Office Space Calculator iPhone AppThe number one question we hear at Keyser is, “How much square feet do I need for my office space?” To help business owners answer this question, we’ve developed a 1st of it’s kind commercial real estate iPhone app that enables you to quickly calculate how much office space your company needs. You can download the app now in the iTunes Store.

The Keyser Office Space Calculator App will help you:

– Understand your real estate planning needs in terms of square feet
– Focus your search before you tour available office spaces
– Save on a commercial lease by knowing your square footage requirements

Here’s how the office space calculator works.

Office Space Calculator1. Download the app on your iPhone and open it.

2. Using the “+” or “-” symbol, input your office space needs into the app.

On one page, we’ve inserted all different types of office space needs with visual diagrams, including:

– C-Suite Offices (20×20)
– Executive Offices (15×20)
– Large Offices (15×15)
– Standard Offices (10×15)
– Medium Offices (12×12)
– Medium Offices (10×12)
– Small Offices (10×10)

– Large Workstations (8×8)
– Medium Workstations (6×6)
– Small Workstations (3×5)
– Call Center Workstations (2×4)

Conference & Training Rooms
– Large Conference Room (16-20 Seats – 15×25)
Office Space Calculator- Medium Conference Room (8-10 Seats – 10×25)
– Small Conference Room (4-6 Seats – 10×10)

Common Areas
– Large Reception Area (15×25)
– Small Reception Area (15×15)

Copy & Storage
– Large Copy Room (15×15)
– Small Copy Room (6×10)
– Storage Closet (3×3)
– File Storage Room (12×12)

Visitor & Service Areas
– Coffee + Bar Area (6×10)
– Break Room (Seats 20 – 15×25)
– Break Room (Seats 8 – 15×15)
– Large Fitness Room (20×50)
– Small Fitness Room (20×25)
– Wellness Area (10×10)
– Large Training Room (50×50)
– Small Training Room (20×30)
– Other (10×10)

Server Rooms
– Small Server Room (10×10)
Office Space Calcuation- Large Server Room (15×20)

3. Submit, Calculate and Review the amount of square feet you need for your office space.
After you’ve submitted all of your office space needs, the office space calculator will calculate your rentable square feet that you’ll need. The calculator takes into consideration things like hallways, circulation, usable space and your load factor. The end result is your rentable square feet, which will help you narrow your focus as you begin to search for office space.

Download the Keyser Office Space Calculator app

Office Space Calculator