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Inside KEYSER’S Scottsdale Headquarters

We invite you to come inside KEYSER’s headquarters located in Old Town Scottsdale. We understand first hand how a great office space can have a positive effect on company culture and productivity. We have a culture of fun, hard work, and relentless client advocacy, and our headquarters is an extension of that culture.

The Keyser team is excited to call 4141 North Scottsdale Road home and we hope you enjoy an exclusive look inside our HQ.

“We set out to create the coolest company in the world that would change the commercial real estate industry forever. We live and breathe this mission and get up every morning and work excitedly towards it. We have the greatest people in the world…superstars all of them…and it is an honor and a privilege for me to be associated with such a group of extraordinary people.” – Jonathan Keyser

The Letter K
“What differentiates Keyser from most professional environments is that everyone in the organization is truly committed to the success of everyone else in the firm. This “we” not “me” focus that permeates the culture produces a no-stress environment that allows professionals to fully focus on the important things and not sweat the plethora of small-minded stuff that weighs down many professionals in other corporate cultures.” – Darius Green

Office Space Reception Desk
“I love how many ideas about how to improve the company are always being shouted out, emailed out, or brought up in our meetings. With the level of coachability and openness everyone has, these ideas are frequently adopted and if they’re not, they’re fun to talk about, daydream about, and laugh about.” – Ian Davie

Business Board Room Office Space
“The Keyser culture is not something one adheres to from 9:00 to 5:00, it is a way of life and becomes a part of us. Every team member’s objective is to make the others the best version of themselves they can be and will go above and beyond to ensure this happens. The word “family” is loosely used in other organizations, but here at Keyser we truly are brothers and sisters and strive to achieve greatness together, as one team.” – Noah Barrasso

Industrial Office Art
“The brilliant thing about Keyser is that we have a system that enables ‘altruistic givers’ to have success. Knowing how to give, serve, and love in such a way where you can also produce tremendous results makes Keyser uniquely capable of changing the world.” – Blake Hardison

Startup Play Area Office Space

Keyser Company Culture
“At many companies, the intention of management is to extract every ounce of productivity from its employees at as low a price point as possible. At Keyser, each member’s personal and professional growth are fundamental to the success of the company. Each member’s development is fostered through regular coaching, support, and guidance. The result to which we are committed is a company of fulfilled individuals who find great joy at being the best in their field.” – Clint Hardison

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