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SMEs worst hit by conflict of interest in property deals
“Small and medium-sized businesses could be getting a raw deal on their commercial property leases thanks to conflicts of interest…”
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The Best Leaders Are Insatiable Learners
Nearly a quarter century ago, at a gathering in Phoenix, Arizona, John W. Gardner delivered a speech that may be one of the most quietly influential speeches in the history of American business — a text that has been photocopied, passed along,…
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To Grow Your Business, Serve Before You Sell
The “takers” of the world want your money; their first inclination is to sell you something – anything – so that you give them more money. Too often, selling means distorting the truth… Here’s a far better strategy: serve the best interests of people you want to impress.
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The Best Leaders Gain Power by Giving it Away
It’s common to assume that successful senior leaders spend the majority of their time making decisions, directing subordinates, allocating resources, and resolving conflicts. A related assumption is that the more senior the leader’s position, the more power and authority she or he has to impose their will on others.
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Why All Business Should Ask Themselves Why?
Why are some companies more innovative than others? Why are some leaders more inspiring than others? Why do some business make it and others don’t? Why do some brands have loyal followings? The answer is in the ‘why’.
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5 Ways to Find Jobs at Companies Focused on Social Good
According to a 2014 international survey by Deloitte, 50% of millennials want to work for a business with ethical practices. The findings suggest that many within the generation believe the success of a business should be measured by more than just profits — including how the company contributes to improving society as a whole.
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Netflix Culture: Freedom & Responsibility
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings speaks to the importance of employees truly being the “nice sounding” values many companies promote themselves as, and how true value comes from the behavior and skills each employee brings to the company.
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How To: Become a Servant Leader
An insightful look at the different habits a true “servant leader” should employ from Focusing on the needs of employees and clients before oneself is a budding philosophy in successful leadership. Happy employees who have been shown respect and encouragement will in turn yield happy customers.
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Effective Leadership
An outline given by Carlisle Driggers on the characteristics of an effective leader. The twelve characteristics shown highlight the importance of an intelligent leader in terms of continuous learning, effective conversations, and a commitment to the overall mission.
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How To Build a Culture of Givers: 4 Tips
Adam Grant, author of Give & Take, provides his tips on how to find long term success through building a culture of givers. This unique culture requires the right people, a clear message, a reward system, and an environment where people are comfortable and willing to ask for help.
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An Almost Foolproof Way to Achieve Every Goal You Set
Jeff Haden of challenges the traditional form of goal setting with the notion that the systems and processes performed to achieve the goal are the tools of value, rather than the goal itself. Focusing on the goal itself, contrary to popular belief, fosters a short-term achievement mindset rather than ongoing improvement.
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How I Learned to Lead With Generosity
Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, shares a story from one reader who truly took the principles of the book to heart and applied those fundamentals to a noble operation. Never Eat Alone emphasizes the importance of leaving behind the self-interested approach to business and embracing the principle of leading with generosity.
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