Whether the need is to relocate, consolidate, downsize, expand, renegotiate a current lease, purchase a property, or construct a building, Keyser has the expertise and experience needed to manage the project. We are fully committed to helping our clients reduce their real estate expense, increase their flexibility and enhance their competitive position in the global marketplace.


Our world class Project Managers guide clients through the often complex and tedious real estate design and construction process. We ensure that the best interests of our client, rather than the landlord or developer, are served from design through move-in, yielding minimal business disruption and ensuring that their real estate projects are delivered on time and under budget.


Within Keyser’s Retail Division, we focus exclusively on Tenant Representation, and all of our resources, training, and technology contribute toward a singular purpose – to better understand the real estate needs of the retail tenant. We then apply that understanding on a local, regional and/or national level, thus producing the best possible real estate solution, specifically tailored to each individual client. That means the best sites, in the right areas, at the appropriate time… every time. Whether through strategic planning, site selection or LOI/lease negotiation, we will do whatever it takes to ensure that our clients’ real estate goals are achieved.


We believe in matching our clients’ labor needs with the optimal markets for their operations. Because states and communities differ across a wide range of complex variables, we bring the expertise to help our clients identify ideal locations and labor pools for both cost savings and long-term labor viability.


Many companies do not effectively plan for optimal space efficiencies in the design of their space, missing opportunities for cost savings and increased space productivity. As global mobile work place strategies continue to gain momentum, we are forward looking and partner with our clients to plan for maximum space efficiencies and cost savings without negatively affecting their business requirements.


As real estate becomes increasingly complex, how companies hold real estate and structure their transactions is more and more critical. We help our clients understand the various financial structures available to them, along with the respective tax and corporate finance implications, and help them structure optimal transactions for their respective shareholders.


Effectively capturing and tracking real estate data across a portfolio of leases is critical to optimal real estate planning and portfolio management. At Keyser, we take a software-neutral approach and help our clients select, implement and maintain the optimal lease administration system for their specific requirements.


At Keyser, we think differently about space. We look at our client’s real estate as a potential strategic asset rather than simply a fixed liability. As a result, we facilitate our client’s real estate planning efforts by identifying key business drivers and creating a specific real estate strategy to match.


Municipalities are under increasing pressure to compete for quality jobs. As a result, companies have significant leverage when looking to identify where to place facilities. We specialize in working with clients to identify municipalities across North America where they can secure incentives to offset a significant portion of the cost of a new facility.


We understand the financial drain of an under-utilized or obsolete facility. We bring all of our expertise and commitment to help our clients dispose of unneeded liabilities—whether through sale or sublease—quickly and for the maximum recovery possible.


Managing national and global accounts is a core competency for our firm. Whether the need is to roll out new facilities across the country, manage a global portfolio of existing locations, or look to significantly reduce cost across a portfolio, the Keyser team can help. Our independence enables us to select the best partner in each market and ensure that the best portfolio optimization strategies are utilized to drive bottom line value to the organization.