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What makes us different from the rest of the crowd? We are one team. Our specialists are industry veterans, in the brokerage/advisory, data center/ technology, and investment banking sectors. When you hire us, you get us all. We are not a practice group or a network of practitioners spread out across subsidiaries. We are the ones who you call when needs arise and who call you when we learn something new that benefits you. Our clients hire us because we help them make good decisions in our subject matter expertise and give them good information along the way to answer questions the organization needs to know before proceeding.


Too often, data center, technology, and other occupancy decisions are made separately across internal departments. Those departments speak different languages and operate on separate P&Ls. This results in decision making that is redundant, governance approval that is overly laborious, and an inefficient project kick-off to completion process. We change that one project at a time to make the engine run faster, smoother, and more effectively all the time. We work within and between real estate, operations, procurement, IT, network, C-suite, and Board-level decision makers on each project so that the enterprise can see what decisions are being made, how they will affect the enterprise, and how each expert can improve the process along the way.


We track every data center, every service provider, and an event that might affect your business. We do our own research and we walk through each facility before we ever recommend making any decision. No decision to spend is ever made based on a paper recommendation alone. It is one thing to dispense advice – we believe in showing our work and proving our recommendation to the best of our abilities.
• Investment Sales: Acquisitions, Dispositions, Financing
• Site-Selection: Land, Core & Shell, Turnkey Wholesale, Retail Colo, Build-to-Suit
• Services: Cloud, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Migration & Decom
• Integration with Other Occupancy Decisions: Office, Warehouse & Distribution, Retail

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