Strategic Site Selection Services & Planning

Keyser helps identify prime locations and maximize market potential for tenants with our strategic site selection services and planning. We believe in matching our clients’ labor needs with the optimal markets for their operations. Because states and communities differ across a wide range of complex variables, we bring the expertise to help our clients identify ideal locations and labor pools for both cost savings and long-term labor viability.

Our Strategic Site Selection Services & Planning Include:

Labor Analytics
• Labor availability
• Labor cost analysis and wage surveys
• Workforce supply and demand forecasting
• Competition saturation analysis
• Employer interviews

Operational Assessment
• Infrastructure evaluation
• Utility assessment
• On-site due diligence
• Operating cost analysis

Customer Analytics
• Demographic analysis
• Logistics analysis
• Customer cannibalization studies
• Revenue forecasting
• Customer mapping

Advanced GIS Mapping
• Demographic mapping
• Employee commuter analysis
• Competitor mapping
• Business climate

Types of Site Selections Include:

Retail Site Selection
Industrial Site Selection
Corporate & Business Site Selection
Data Center Site Selection
Hotel Site Selection
Restaurant Site Selection
– Other business critical site selections

Additionally, we choose to work exclusively with individuals and organizations that:
– Go above and beyond in providing service to their own customers, clients and contacts
– Believe in treating people with respect and appreciation
– Recognize and honor the value of others’ contributions
– Are committed to the principles of giving and contribution

Strategic Site Selection Clients:

  • Clate Mask
    “Blake Hardison understands real estate, but even more importantly, he understands how to create real estate solutions that are in line with a company’s objective. He will prove to be a tremendous asset to your company’s CEO and CFO.”
    Clate Mask
    CEO and Co-Founder, Infusionsoft
  • Rich Kerley
    Peter Piper, Inc.
    “Jonathan is the best commercial real estate broker I know. His customer service always exceeds expectations. I highly recommend him.”
    Rich Kerley
    CFO, Peter Piper Inc.
  • Marcia Ritter
    Runbeck Election Services
    “I find Jonathan, Blake and the Keyser team to be extremely professional and knowledgeable about the market. Their commitment to serving others is beyond reproach. Their approach to business is exemplary and has exceeded my expectations. I trust them explicitly and would recommend them to anyone.”
    Marcia Ritter
    Vice President of Finance and Accounting, Runbeck Election Services
  • placeholder
    Papa Murphy’s Pizza
    “Mike and his team have been instrumental in the development of Papa Murphy’s in Arizona. Their market knowledge, landlord relationships and proactive attitudes helped over 20 of our franchisee’s create solid real estate opportunities as we grow.”
    John Rose
    Real Estate Director – Southwest Region, Papa Murphy’s Pizza
  • michaelreagan
    Kahala (Coldstone Creamery)
    “Jonathan is the best real estate professional I have ever dealt with…hands down. His team is unbelievable at identifying cost savings where traditional brokers see no solution. I trust them implicitly.”
    Michael Reagan
    EVP & General Counsel, Kahala (Coldstone Creamery)
  • placeholder
    Ortho Arizona
    “Beth and her team were great to work with, very organized and delivered our beautiful new office on time! We are very pleased and would highly recommend them.”
    Kipling Sharpe, M.D.
    Ortho Arizona
  • placeholder
    Subrosa Investigations
    “Kevin, I can’t thank you and your team enough for the superb job you did in representing us and our best interests in securing our new space. Your extensive knowledge of the market helped us strike a terrific deal. If only everything in life would go so smoothly.”
    Daniel G. “Dan” Perez
    President and CEO, Subrosa Investigations
  • placeholder
    “Jonathan showed unwavering focus and patience as he helped me turn my vision of what our new space needed to be into an actual plan. JK’s tenacity and his commitment to understanding our company culture resulted in the perfect solution.”
    Brad Jannenga
    President and CTO, WebPT
  • placeholder
    Synergis Education
    “I have been super pleased with Blake and Clint’s Top Notch service and attention to detail. They helped us establish a plan to find the right space, included all the right partners and have delivered on every key point throughout the process. We could not have made this move without them!”
    Norm Allgood
    CEO, Synergis Education

If you are in need of strategic site selection services and fit the criteria above, contact us today to see how we can be of service to you. You will experience the most extraordinary service you have ever received when working with any member of Keyser, or we do not get paid.

More about Keyser:

We created Keyser to be a new kind of commercial real estate firm that would transform the commercial real estate industry through selfless service. Our goal is to prove once and for all that the most self-interested business strategy in the world is to be of selfless service to others.

Meet the Team.

We are one team, and each person is an integral part of the team. We honor everyone’s contribution, and no team member is superior to another.

Experience the Keyser culture.

Our culture is everything, and we only hire individuals that are best-in-class and committed to service and the other core principles that we live by.

Our Operating Principles.

We have 15 core principles that every member of Keyser is committed to living by.

Contact us at 602.953.9737 to learn more about how our strategic site selection services can help you.

“Jonathan and his team are very high integrity, and their client focus goes beyond anything that I’ve seen.”

Senior Shareholder
Greenburg Traurig