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Professional Expertise

As a founding member of Keyser, Clint is instrumental in setting the overall direction of the company.

Having over seven years of experience in the commercial real estate appraisal industry, Clint brings a skill set and knowledge base to the commercial real estate industry that is unique and highly specialized. In representing clients, Clint relies on skilled analysis and utilizes a data-centered approach to real estate, compared with many brokers who tend to approach negotiations relying mainly on gut feelings and a generally vague awareness of current market conditions.


Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts
Licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Arizona
Appraisal Institute – Real Estate appraisal course work covering income capitalization, discounted cash flow, sales comparison, cost and land valuation analysis methods.

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

When a deal reaches completion, I want my clients to have experienced a level of service that goes above and beyond what is customary in the business world. Securing my clients the best deal possible is a matter of personal pride that stems from a deeply held commitment to contribute all that I can to the success of others. This same personal commitment informs my service both within the Boy Scouts of America program and within my church, at which I volunteer in a variety of capacities, including overseeing that hard-on-their-luck families’ basic needs are met.

Why Keyser?

Keyser is a unique organization composed exclusively of individuals committed to a lofty ideal: that the world truly can be made a better place through service. One day we will each look back at our careers and take inventory of the causes we chose to devote ourselves. Our net contribution or net detriment to the world will be clear to us. I believe wholeheartedly that by aligning myself with the principles Keyser champions, I will be maximizing my net contribution to the world.