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Professional Expertise

Greg Fischer brings over 35 years experience developing strategic real estate and property management solutions to help clients align their real estate assets and costs with their business strategy and financial goals, to improve their bottom line. Experience includes: Engineer with U.S. EPA in clean air and water programs, and hazardous management remediation; Senior VP with Unisys Corporation responsible for worldwide real estate and direct property management, overseeing 12M SF of space, 400 properties, $280M annual budget and a staff of 700 professionals; Senior VP with Cresa, responsible for client property assessments and strategic planning; and Founder and Managing Principal of Real Estate Strategic Planning Advisors LLC.


California State University – BA/MPA Public Administration

San Jose State University – Undergraduate and graduate studies leading to an MS in Civil Engineering

University of California – MBA in Business Management


Alumni Association California State University, East Bay

Alumni Association San Jose State University

Alumni Association University of California, Irvine

Knights of the Immaculate to Mary, Malvern PA

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

Uncovering needs and serving others is one of the most rewarding experiences of life. It is what inspires my efforts most days. While it has felt somewhat innate to me, I have had to grow into serving without any expectation of reward; that is where the rubber meets the road.

Why Keyser?

I am committed to Keyser’s service model and disruptive approach to brokerage was really attractive to me. Be it coaching little league baseball, involvement in my church, working with municipalities, serving municipal utilities, public housing authorities, or corporate clients. Helping others achieve their goals is rewarding, and being a part of a team focused on service is very gratifying and fulfilling.