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Professional Expertise

Ian came to Keyser with a background in business development. He focuses on identifying new business opportunities as well as working with clients to uncover corporate real estate solutions. Ian is particularly good at managing the real estate process from start to finish, analyzing client’s leases, needs analysis, market surveys, proposals, financial analysis, and creating competition in the marketplace to maximize favorable terms for his clients. Before joining Keyser, Ian worked with Jonathan as an associate at an international commercial real estate firm, and prior to that as an account executive with the Phoenix Suns.


Bachelor’s degree, Cum Laude, from Ohio University with a focus on business
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson in the State of Arizona
Phoenix Suns, 2009 New Business Team “Top Gun Award” (Rookie of the Year)

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

I had always been a hard-working and driven person, but something seemed to be missing. I was a young and energetic sales guy with a desire to move up in the world, but it was not until I discovered selfless service that I felt good about what I was doing. From the first time Jonathan told me about his philosophy of selfless service to others, and the way he successfully incorporated it into business, I knew I wanted this to be a part of my life as well. What a way to live.

I now believe that life is all about the relationships we develop and the impact we make in others’ lives. I am involved in various volunteer projects through my church in Phoenix. Everyone is given a unique skill set to help others in different ways. Find out what your gifts are and use them to serve others.

I am originally from Northwest Ohio. I love supporting the Phoenix Suns and the Ohio Bobcats. Basketball, beach volleyball, golf, and wakeboarding are a few of my favorites activities to maintain a healthy body. I am committed to an active lifestyle, discipline with exercise, and a healthy diet.

Why Keyser?

I have made a lot of great decisions to get myself where I am today‚Ķwith a little luck along the way. KEYSER was one of those decisions. I had a good thing going with a company that I enjoyed working for and with which I had a bright future. I decided to leave that behind and join KEYSER where my enthusiasm for service is shared by incredible individuals. I have never seen a group of more positive people working together in my entire life. My passion for KEYSER and for tenant rep has spilled into passion to serve my clients and I can’t imagine working in any other culture.