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Professional Expertise

James is a young, focused, driven professional.  He joins Keyser with a fresh willingness to serve and a strong passion for growth. His past work experiences, have taught him the meaning of hard work and selflessness. James has always had influential figures in his life that have made lasting impressions.  Starting out his professional career with Keyser he wishes to follow these examples and one day be this figure for others.  James knows that it takes the right mind set to be successful and knows that Keyser has many bright individuals that will not only help create a successful career but allow for increased knowledge and personal growth.

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

I owe my commitment to service to my parents.  Growing up I often heard other people in my neighborhood describing how service oriented my parents are.  These words have forever left an impact on me.  Today they still serve at every available moment.  I want to follow their example in my family, career, and school.  I will serve exhaustively to satisfy our clients demands.

Why Keyser?

A close family member was my personal real estate mentor, he guided me through the process and taught me how to succeed.  After reviewing several types of real estate companies, I chose to follow commercial real estate because of the constant demand for honest and bold brokers.  What really drew me into Keyser was the attitude towards growth and development, I saw a team of intellectual, honest, and service-oriented individuals.  I knew I had to be part of this team.