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Professional Expertise

Joe plans to graduate from Arizona State University this December, where he focuses in studying multiple concentrations revolving around business and sustainability. Though Joe is still very much in his youth, he displays an exceptional amount of knowledge and drive.  Lifelong learning along with hard work are two values that Joe holds at his core.  Striving to gain more insight and experience from every interaction he voluntarily involves himself in is essential when creating valuable relationships, and ultimately establishing his success.

Prior to discovering Keyser, Mr. Pillor was the top producer for a nonprofit that focused in recruiting veterans, national guard, and reservist into the telecom industry.  The gratitude he received while working there propelled him to dedicate his future towards a career where he could always be a helping hand.  Joes most recent experience as a sales representative was heavily revolved around residential energy efficiency assessments, resulting in retrofitting homes with various cutting edge solutions.  Joe’s goals entering Keyser are in alignment with his passion of developing strategic sustainable solutions in new innovative ways for all areas of business to maximize overall efficiency.

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

I contribute many of my core values to knowledge I have acquired directly from my parents, four siblings, and Sigma Chi fraternity.  Like Keyser, I have a tightly bounded family that has motivated me to grow into the person I am today.  Being the youngest of five children has given me a mature prospective on life and instilled in me the importance of continued personal growth. However, I will always hold onto my youthful, creative mindset that is exactly where value is created.  I am enthusiastic towards my cause and my dedication will be reflected through the unparalleled service I strive to create.

Why Keyser?

I am excited for having the opportunity to join an organization where I can not only receive advise from experienced members, but also give it without fear of being undermined. It helps put me in a mindset to take bold action when the appropriate chance arises. Being surrounded by a team where no individual acts superior to another motivates me every day when I enter the office. Our shared vision of pioneering the tenant based business model creates a unique work environment that I believe can only lead to more creativity and innovative success. I wanted to join Keyser early because I’m eager to become a critical team player, helping propel this company into the largest tenant based commercial real estate company the world has ever seen.