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Professional Expertise

“Mikey” Maynard brings 35 years of Selfless Leadership to Keyser. He specializes in employee workplace behavior, developing “gifted bosses,” and helping company owners manage their people capital. Forty-two corporations in over twenty countries rely on Mikey’s expertise in Top Performer Analysis, Psychometric Testing, Selling Skills Training, Leadership Development, and People Analytics to improve corporate performance.

Mikey’s passion is advising company leaders on trends in the worldwide workforce which will affect their business in the coming years, and providing leading practices to capitalize on those global changes. He’s a recognized authority on Millennial workers, the aging workforce, safety in the workplace, sales force effectiveness and human performance factors.


B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Research Design, Statistics and Market Research, The Ohio State University
Research published by The Ohio Academy of Sciences
Certified Facilitator in numerous sales training and leadership courses

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

I am a firm believer of OVERservicing your clients. I will be leading the growth and development of Keyser Business Advisors, by showing them exactly how to OVERservice you!

We’ll also offer research, resources, webinars and events through The Selfless Leadership Institute at Keyser® where you can get help launching your organization’s own Selfless Service initiative!

Why Keyser?

Joining Keyser was an opportunity to build and run a practice with a singular focus: Do what is right for the client, and truly help them solve their business problems regardless of my personal gain. It is such an incredible opportunity to be able to build this new practice group within Keyser that will truly shake up the traditional consulting model and, in so doing, help change the business world through selfless service.