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Professional Expertise

Robert works as a partner to Clint and Blake Hardison in helping clients make strategic real estate decisions that align with their business goals and objectives. Robert has established himself as an honest, knowledgeable and hardworking professional that always ensures his clients are served above and beyond their expectations.  Robert supports the team by applying his expertise in analyzing and negotiating client lease agreements, researching property availabilities, and creating and producing customized client deliverables.

About Me & My Personal Commitment to Service

I am a firm believer that true happiness comes in the service of others. As individuals, we all have the capability to impact the world on a daily basis. I am completely committed to changing the world in a positive way, through selfless service. I chose to spend two years of my life committed to full time service of others. In those two years, I realized that there is no greater joy to be found in this life, than in the helping of others. I am committed to always be willing to serve, and always put myself in situations where I will have the opportunity to do so.

Why Keyser?

I chose Keyser, because their principals drive me to be greater. We will all one day look back at what impact we have had on the world. We will all assess our career and how it impacted the world for the better. I know that at Keyser, when that day comes, I will have no doubt that we will have created a positive impact on those we reached out to.