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20 Exceptional Company Boardroom Areas

The boardroom. It’s where the magic happens and decisions are made.

What does your boardroom say about your company? Do glass walls hint at the transparency that exists at your organization? Does the decor demand professionalism and reflect the classiness of your company? Or does your company opt for a quirky look to symbolize the informal atmosphere that exists at your workplace?

Company boardroom areas say a lot about your company. That’s why we’ve compiled photos of company boardrooms from various offices around the world – from Twitter to McKesson – to provide information and inspiration for your workplace.


Twitter Boardroom


pinterest office boardroom


mckesson office boardroom


new island capital office boardroom


sequoia capital office boardroom sequoia capital office boardroom bridge




workday office boardroom


linkedin office boardroom


Adstage Boardroom




Adobe Boardroom




medivation office boardroom


open text office boardroom


quora office boardroom




Tanga Conference Room


yammer company boardroom areas


ancestry office boardroom



[Photo Credits]: Custom Spaces


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Uber vs Lyft: Comparing Office Space

uber vs lyft

Uber vs Lyft. It’s one of the most heated rivalries in business.

Both companies compete for customers in the car-hailing space. No questions there. What’s often overlooked is that both companies are headquartered in San Francisco and are competing against each other for talent – which has led both companies to invest heavily in office space and culture to attract the best.

In this post, we compare Uber and Lyft’s office spaces, and leave it up to you to decide which office and culture you would rather be a part of.


First impressions last a lifetime.

The moment a potential client, candidate, or vendor walks through your doors is the moment where judgements are made.

Is this a company I could do business with?

Is this a company I could work for?

Needless to say, your reception area says a lot about your company. Which reception area gives you a good feeling…Uber or Lyft?
lyft vs uber reception area


Uber has wide hallways, and Lyft has a secret hallway that leads through a picture of Willy Wonka.
uber vs lyft hallway factor


With Uber’s breakroom and kitchen featured on top, and Lyft’s area featured on bottom, where would you rather have lunch?
uber vs lyft break room kitchen area


(Top) Would you rather lounge out in Uber’s wide and expansive common area, or have a cup of coffee and relax on the couch at Lyft?
uber vs lyft common areas


Because culture is directly impacted by office space, we’ll end our Uber vs Lyft post with a few images that capture the spirit of both companies. When viewing these photos, think about who both Uber and Lyft are trying to attract as clients and employees. Then, think about your office space and how your setup attracts the right people.

Which company would you rather be a part of?


Uber Conference Room Uber Office Space in San Francisco Uber Culture


Lyft Secret Library Stacy Speer Lyft Lyft Pink Mustache

Photo Credits: eoffice, Lea Suzuki


KEYSER is a cutting edge, commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents global tenants and corporate space users of office, retail, industrial, medical, non-profit, and educational space. Services include Transaction Management, Project Management, Site Selection, Space Efficiency Planning, Capital Markets / Corporate Finance, Lease Portfolio Services, Strategic Advisory Services, Incentives Negotiation, Demographics, and Subleases / Dispositions. Contact us to learn more.

How Site Selection Services Create Value For Tenants

Site Selection Services

If you’re searching for office space, you might be wondering how site selection services offered by a commercial real estate company can help.

Here are six different ways that site selection services can create value for tenants in an office space search:

Unbiased Approach

Using a tenant representation firm provides you with unbiased support without any conflicts of interest. Tenants often assume that the broker representing a building will work on your behalf – and they assume correctly. While the broker will work with you, what tenants overlook is that the broker is also working on behalf of the landlord of the building. You can see the conflict this creates.

A tenant representation firm works for you, and has no alliance with the landlord of the building. This allows a broker to take an unbiased approach to site selection.

Market Intelligence

Provide you with unparalleled market knowledge of current and forecasted market trends on a global basis.

Turnkey Solution

Manage the entire process from site selection and market research through negotiations and move-in.

Workforce Analytics

Improve your workforce performance through the highest quality of labor analytics. Site selection services include demographic analysis, employment studies and an economic analysis of the area to ensure you’ll have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talent.

Innovative Tools

Gain access to innovative analytical tools that will empower you to make strategic location decisions.

Cost Containment

Develop a negotiation strategy that maximizes your ability to secure the optimal economic incentives and real estate terms possible.

Keyser believes in matching our clients’ labor needs with the optimal markets for their operations. Because states and communities differ across a wide range of complex variables, we bring the expertise to help our clients identify ideal locations and labor pools for both cost savings and long-term labor viability.


602.9.KEYSER (602.953.9737)

5 Reasons To Get Commercial Space Insurance

Commercial Space Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects you from loss or damage to the company’s property. A solid policy will cover personal property kept on site, supplies and inventory, computers and electronic accessories, office furniture, machinery and equipment, and property fixtures (e.g. lighting, carpeting).

You can find coverage in three basic categories, including:

  • Basic Coverage protects against sprinkler leaks, vandalism, riots, smoke, storms, explosions and fires.
  • Broad Coverage includes the basic policy plus water damage, falling objects and glass damage.
  • All-Risk Coverage features Basic and Broad Coverage plus direct physical losses and theft.

With so many issues that could arise during business, it’s no wonder why this qualifies as a non-negotiable, necessary investment. You can come up with dozens of reasons to invest in commercial space insurance, but we’ll discuss five main issues in this article.

Natural Disasters Beyond Your Control

Tragic natural disasters happen all the time. And despite the advancements with technology and science, we haven’t found a way to control the weather. With all the terrible things that accompany these phenomenons, don’t set yourself up for business disaster as well.

Bad Things Happen to Everyone

Along with the weather, you’ll find plenty of other things in life beyond your control. What if a group of people decided to start a riot? What happens if you fall victim to bad press and get vandalized? What about something even smaller, like a leak in the sprinkler system? You may never think it would happen to you, but it can and it may.

Fire and Water Damage Fright

A burst pipe or faulty wire is all it takes to create hundreds of dollars in damage. You don’t need to walk into work one morning, only to realize the floor is sopping wet and all the electronics have short circuited. Imagine if that happened and you didn’t have any commercial space insurance in place. What a stressful day indeed!

Litigation Possibilities Around Every Corner

Without the proper protection, a single lawsuit could cause financial catastrophe for your business. Putting the proper provisions in place means protecting your assets from the damage of an unfavorable litigation.

Theft Could Occur at Any Moment

Criminals constantly lurk the streets seeking out the next target. And you could fall victim to that at any moment. If you walked into the office one day and had no equipment, what would you do? Well, if you had commercial space insurance, you’d simply give them a call and receive the compensation you needed to start running again.

New companies may feel the desire to cut corners in an attempt to save money. But commercial space insurance should not enter those budget cut conversations. With so many things that could go wrong, you need to prepare for the worst. That way, if it happens, you’ll feel prepared (instead of panicked) for the future of your business.

7 Signs You Should Sublease Your Office Space

sublease office space

Companies that need flexible lease terms often turn to a subleasing agreement. This simply means your company will lease a part of the office space from the lessor.

It provides many benefits for both companies and can add a lot of value to your business. If any of these seven signs resonate with you, it’s time to start looking into how you could sublease office space.

You Need to Save Money

If you’d enjoy a space that gives you all the amenities without all the expenses, a sublease office space could work well for you. You’ll likely find a place that’s 10% to 50% cheaper than the fair market value on similar spaces. And you would avoid other added expenses that come with carrying a full lease responsibility.

Your Small Company Prefers Flexible Space

Smaller companies often prefer smaller, flexible spaces. It provides an open-office, collaborative environment that works well in creative endeavors. You won’t have an excessive amount of room, but that works perfectly for many small companies.

You’d Benefit from a Turnkey Solution

Don’t want to spend months obsessing over paint colors, picking out furniture and scheduling deliveries? Then you’d love a sublease office space. It often includes certain build-outs and upgrades, and will offer furniture use for free or at a steeply discounted price.

You Would Like Access to Nice Common Areas

Places like reception areas, break rooms, storage closets and conferences rooms can come with a hefty price in traditional leases. But when you sublease office space, it will include these amenities as shared spaces with other tenants.

You Don’t Mind Sharing Equipment

Save more money by sharing basic office equipment like copy and fax machines. Some modern businesses pride themselves in working paperless, but may need to use that equipment from time to time. Instead of an expensive investment, subleased spaces often let you share this equipment with others.

You Like the Idea of First Come, First Serve

If the lessor vacates the premises, you’ll likely receive first option to occupancy. Although you may not want the entire space to yourself, having the option appeals to many businesses. Perhaps you could take over the lease and find another business to sublease from you.

You Could Benefit from Cross-Company Collaboration

Find someone in a complementary business to yours for a sublease engagement. If you work the collaboration wisely, you can gain new business from client referrals, collaborate on projects or simply enjoy the companionship of discussing the industry.

Do you think your business could benefit from a subleased office space?

5 Things To Do Before You Sign A Lease Extension

sign a lease extension

It dawns on your one morning on the elevator ride to your office: you’ve got exactly a year before your lease expires. As your mind remembers all the great times you’ve had in this office, it simultaneously starts racing about the future.

When it comes to whether you should sign a lease extension or not, ask yourself these three basic questions:

  • Do I want to relocate?
  • Do I plan to outgrow this space soon?
  • Do I expect a downsizing to happen?

If you answered “no” to all these questions, you might want to sign a lease extension. And once you come to that conclusion, there’s five things you should do in preparation.

Start Your Evaluation Early

You don’t want to find yourself in a panic and frantically sign a lease extension out of desperation. Instead, start evaluating the space 12 months prior to the lease expiration. This gives you plenty of time to know if you want to renew. And if not, find another office space to move into at the conclusion of your lease.

If you approach your landlord regarding an extension too late, you’ll lose all leverage in the negotiation process. But if you go into negotiations with a clear understanding of the market and your overall objectives, you hold the cards in your hand.

Hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Tenants often forego a broker’s assistance when it comes to lease renewals. Perhaps you think that your familiarity with the space and landlords gives you plenty of experience. But don’t write off a broker’s help quite yet.

Generally, the landlord pays for the costs of tenant brokers, even in the case of a renewal. With that kind of deal, who wouldn’t want assistance? You can get an experienced real estate professional to help you understand market trends, negotiation options and other office spaces that may work even better for your company.

Research Other Available Properties

Investigating the market is one of the most important things you can do. Although a broker can provide powerful insight, you can learn about market trends even if you decide to take on this responsibility yourself.

Even if you have no intentions of moving, evaluate other properties. This will give you market knowledge for what others offer, negotiation opportunities and the current fair market value.

Leverage Your Insider Knowledge

Since you’ve spent time in the office space, you have insider knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses. You have greater leverage than you had the first time you signed the lease, simply because you know more. Knowledge is power.

What things do you wish you negotiated into the agreement the first time? Do certain things in the building bother you? Write it down and bring it up during negotiations.

Engage in an Amicable Negotiation

Now you can go into the negotiation process with market insights and insider knowledge about the building. Approach this time in a friendly manner, because landlords will make greater concessions for great tenants.

Ask for more than you really want. It will give you room to negotiate. And if you need help negotiating the best deal, don’t shy away from the opportunity to work with a good tenant broker. They’ll help you every step of the way, from the beginning evaluation to the time you officially sign a lease extension.

7 Employee Survey Questions For New Office Space

Employee Survey Questions Office Space

A productive, strong team often means the difference between great success and tragic failure for businesses across all industries. You rely on employees to keep customers happy, develop great work and stay loyal to your company.

With all this riding on them, you should do everything possible to make them happy.

These employee survey questions will ensure that you take them into consideration when looking for a new office space.

1. How long does your daily commute take, and which way do you commute from to arrive at the office (north, south, east or west)?

2. What percentage of your personal budget do you spend on gas each month, and how would an increase in the cost affect your quality of life?

3. Do you currently use public transportation for your daily commute, and how would you be affected if you no longer had that accessibility?

4. Would an additional 5 or 10 miles impact your decision to stay with our company? If not, at what mileage would it make a detrimental impact?

5. Would an additional 20 minutes per day impact your decision to stay? If not, at what point would it make an impact?

6. Do you frequently use amenities like nearby shopping centers and restaurants? If so, would you feel open to a different location that offered similar access to restaurant and shopping options?

7. Would moving away from these types of amenities impact your daily work life, and/or change your feelings about working with us?

Use these employee survey questions to make everyone feel involved in the office space search. It will make everyone feel appreciated when you take the time to understand their needs and desires.

Selfless leaders create amazing companies. Sometimes that means going the extra mile to please as many people as possible. Your employees spend a good portion of their day in the office. Make it a pleasant place to work by doing all you can to meet their needs.

If you don’t, prepare to lose some of your workforce. Some people feel very adverse to major change, especially if it removes a high level of comfort. These employee survey questions help you know what type of office space to find, and how to avoid any loss of employee morale.

7 Ways to Avoid Commercial Leasing Mistakes

Commercial Leasing Mistakes

Once you sign a lease, you’ve committed to the terms of that document. Numerous businesses have entered into an agreement, only for it to turn out poorly for the business. Even seemingly small commercial leasing mistakes can place unneeded burdens on you.

But there’s good news.

You can avoid common commercial leasing mistakes with a few wise tips. They’ll keep you aligned and help you overcome every challenge that comes your way.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination can destroy your search opportunity before it begins. Don’t fall victim to this mindset. You’ll need several months to secure the right office space. As a general rule of thumb, spaces under 10,000 square feet should allow at least 6 months for the search. And spaces over 10,000 feet should allow 9-12 months.

Clarify Your Needs

You shouldn’t procrastinate, but you can’t rush through the process either. If you anxiously jump into the leasing process, you’ll overlook critical factors that need consideration. Take time to clearly communicate your needs and objectives. Everyone on your team should know what you need, so you can all work toward a common goal.

Assemble a Team

A landlord specializes in renting commercial real estate. That gives him the upper hand during lease negotiations, much like you have the upper hand when speaking to your clients. Even out the playing field by hiring a tenant representative to assist you during this process. They will keep you from making commercial leasing mistakes and ensure you make the best decision for your company.

Perform Due Diligence

You finished grade school, but that doesn’t mean you’ve escaped homework forever. In fact, you’ll have plenty of it during your search for real estate. Do you due diligence by gathering as much intel on the building as possible before you sign on the dotted line. Evaluate the mechanical structure, inspect the HVAC, understand safety code regulations and check the ADA compliance.

Negotiate the Lease

Do everything possible to negotiate the best terms in the lease. Look for incentives like moving allowances and tenant improvement allowances. Build in options to extend, sublease or terminate the lease as business growth or decline demands. Carefully consider operating costs and how you can negotiate terms for that as well. Nothing is too small to negotiate!

Look at the Big Picture

Your office space holds more value than the cost per square foot. When moving, take employee needs and convenience into consideration as well. Does the location work for everyone’s commute? Are there nearby restaurants and coffee houses? Does the office feature an abundance of natural light? These kinds of things provide enormous value to morale, even if you can’t quite quantify it in the lease agreement.

Stay Disciplined

Keep yourself disciplined and committed to this process. Moving offices requires a large investment from yourself and your employees. Obsessively plan, carefully scour the details and always remember your ultimate goals and objectives. This level of discipline will ensure you put your company in the perfect office space.

But what about if you don’t have the time and energy to invest in such a rigorous, disciplined process? You don’t want to make any commercial leasing mistakes, but there’s only so many hours in the day.

Well, then it’s time to rely more on your team. A good tenant representative will take a load off your mind and handle much of the overall responsibility.

Here at Keyser, our world-class team of representatives want to serve you in any way possible. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and your company succeed in its commercial real estate search.

10 Awesome Kitchen Office Space Areas

Shared use kitchen office space areas are a must for companies these days.

Employees looking for an escape can utilize the kitchen area to rest, relax and hatch new ideas with coworkers.

Your kitchen office space area is essential for employees. That’s why we’ve compiled photos of some awesome kitchen office space areas – from Airbnb to GitHub – in hopes of inspiring you to invest in an area that employees like to spend time.

Airbnb Kitchen AreaAirbnb’s huge kitchen area gives employees a place to escape.

Github KitchenGithub’s picnic table style benches with chandeliers overhead give the kitchen office space a feeling of importance.

kitchen office space area dropboxDropbox’s kitchen resembles your favorite coffee shop with a clean, cafe feel with a walk up counter in an open space.

Business Office Kitchen AreaAutomattic has a beautiful kitchen office space area that exposes natural wood from ceiling to staircase.

Pinterest Kitchen AreaThe kitchen area at Pinterest headquarters is a main focal point in the building with plenty of long, picnic style seating.

Instagram Kitchen AreaInstagram has a simple kitchen area on wheels. With a few retro furnishings, this kitchen office space area pays homage to the vintage styling of the Instagram service.

Hotel Tonight
Hotel Tonight Office Space Kitchen AreaThe kitchen office space area at Hotel Tonight resembles that of a luxury, 5 star hotel. With dropdown lighting, exposed ceilings and clean, white tiling throughout, this kitchen is one we wouldn’t mind spending some time in.

Twitter Kitchen Area Hashtag Comfort#Comfort. That’s about all you need to know about Twitter’s kitchen space. The buffet style space gives employees plenty of healthy eating options, and the hashtag is a subtle reminder of the platforms unique service.

StumbleUpon Kitchen AreaIf you stumbled upon StumbleUpon’s kitchen area, you’d notice the bar style seating with the beers on tap in the back. Friday afternoons must be a good time.

Yammer Kitchen AreaThe stylish kitchen area at Yammer reflects the company positioning as a professional social network.

What awesome kitchen office space areas have you visited? Let us know on the Keyser Facebook page.

[Photo Credits]: Custom Spaces


KEYSER is a cutting edge, commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents global tenants and corporate space users of office, retail, industrial, medical, non-profit, and educational space. Services include Transaction Management, Project Management, Site Selection, Space Efficiency Planning, Capital Markets / Corporate Finance, Lease Portfolio Services, Strategic Advisory Services, Incentives Negotiation, Demographics, and Subleases / Dispositions. Contact us to learn more.

Top 5 Austin Shared Office Space Locations

austin shared office space locations

If you have a startup company or are a freelancer, working from coffee shop to coffee shop isn’t always the best office space solution. It may be time to branch out and relocate to a shared office space providing not only a creative environment, but also giving you and other business associates a place to brainstorm and innovate.

These top 5 Austin shared office space locations are great alternatives:

1. Posh Coworking
Posh truly describes the artsy, girly atmosphere of the space. The main stand out for Posh is that it is a workspace community for women. There are 4 types of annual contracts: glitz, glimmer, sparkle, and shine. Each offering more benefits and access. However, there are also short-term leases available. Shine, the highest contract level, guarantees hours in private offices and conference rooms each month as well as exclusive networking events with access to their interns.

2. Soma Vida
Soma Vida is the best of both worlds as it is has both yoga studios, offering various classes, as well as rooms for co-working and conferencing. The rooms are clean, relaxing, and modern with the options of hourly, daily, or monthly passes. Besides all the “wellness” classes they host, there are networking events, workshops, blogging circles and even a wellness retreat for those that decide to utilize their office spaces.

3. BusinesSuites Westlake
BusinesSuites Westlake is designed for members who prefer a very professional and minimalistic atmosphere. With large windows revealing stunning views of downtown, BusinesSuites Westlake offers private offices and conference rooms with monthly to long-term contracts. It even offers a workout room to get in shape in between meetings.

4. Denizen Cowork
Set up in an up and coming area in Austin, Denizen Cowork is affordable and full of other people running start-ups. This organization emphasizes community where members help each other through networking and increasing everyday productivity. Each member is also encouraged to host events and teach classes that showcase their work while benefiting other members.

5. Createscape Coworking
Createscape Coworking has a warm and modern classroom feel that caters to creative professionals like filmmakers, animators, photographers and designers. With reasonably low rates starting at $15 a day, you can utilize their private conference rooms, take advantage of their video and photo equipment discounts, and access to social events that happen throughout the month.


KEYSER is a cutting edge, commercial real estate advisory firm that exclusively represents global tenants and corporate space users of office, retail, industrial, medical, non-profit, and educational space. Services include Transaction Management, Project Management, Site Selection, Space Efficiency Planning, Capital Markets / Corporate Finance, Lease Portfolio Services, Strategic Advisory Services, Incentives Negotiation, Demographics, and Subleases / Dispositions.

Contact us to learn more.